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List of Problems/Faults

Cracked Screen

Smashed your mobile phone display? don’t worry. Our experts are trained and qualified in mobile display repair and mobile repair in Hyderabad.We focus on customer satisfaction. 

Battery Issue

In a world of action, we hang out with our mobile phone for our daily routine work. But what when it doesn’t give you much battery back-up? Your work gets stopped right! similarly, your day goes bad. 

Charging Issue

A situation where your phone won’t charge properly or worse, not charge at all can be a real pain. Our experts are trained in mobile display repair and mobile repair in Hyderabad.

Water Damage

In our day to day busy schedule, somewhere our mobile phone drops into water and stops working. It’s hard to work without a mobile phone in our life. We can fix this issue at doorstep.

WiFi Issue

WiFi has become more critical in our daily lives, imagine one day you connect to your WiFi as usual, but your WiFi is not working anymore, and you loss the access to the Internet.

Broken Buttons

All our work is based on mobile only, calls, SMS, email’s etc. But what if mobile speaker gets problem. We can’t hear sound of ring right. Don’t panic with problem. We are here with a solution. 

Speaker Issue

When you are talking on your mobile phone. Are the other side person facing the issuing of hearing or low voice. Then it’s the problem with your phone mic. We are here with a solution. 

Camera Issue

In our daily life we use camera for sending photo, videos as working purpose. If imagine that does not work. Don’t panic with the problem. We are here with best solution at your doorstep.

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